Grassy Pondweed

Potamogeton gramineusThis is an aquatic long-rooted grassy perennial anchored hydrophyte with floating leaves. The stem is much-branched and 30-120 cm long. The floating leathery green upper leaves are ovoid or oval and long-stalked – sometimes absent. The submerged leaves are sessile, transparent or semi-transparent, linear and lance-shaped, flat and straight or folded in two and curving, usually not broader than 1 cm, round-tipped or pointy, with microscopically serrate edges. The main and the lateral veins lack the transparent leaf gaps. The peduncles are 5-10 cm or longer, singular or double, or in 5-6 (short and curved in this instance). The spike is thick and shorter – 2.5-5 cm. The obtuse-keeled fruit is about 3 mm long.

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