About the project

The Virtual Museum is a sort of a reference-guide dedicated to biodiversity, environmental values, cultural and historical values of the Pskovsko-Chudskoye (Peipsi) LakeRegion. Getting acquainted with sections of the Museum, you can get an idea about the unique flora and fauna of the area, get in touch with the history of its settlement and the life of people on the banks of the lake.

Virtual Museum contains no limiting content and is intended for a broad audience, interested in nature and history of the region.

The development of the Virtual Museum become possible thanks to the financial donation provided by the Administration of Pskov Region (Russia) to NGO «Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov» as well as to a grant given by the intergovernmental ENPI CBC Programme Estonia – Latvia – Russia 2007-2013 in the frameworks of «People with Nature» project. During the preparation materials collected by the UNDP/GEF project «Development and implementation of Chudskoye / Peipsi Basin Management Programme» in 2005-2006 from Pskov State Pedagogical Institute (now – Pskov State University) and NGO “Pskov Archaeological Center” were partially used.