Description: A large bird, around 115 cm tall, with a wingspan of 180-200 cm; males weight up to 6 kg, and females – to 5 kg 900gr. The plumage over most of the body is bluish grey, which helps the bird camouflage in the woods. The back and undertail are slightly darker, while the wings and belly are lighter. Wing tips are black. The frontal part of the head, chin, top of the neck and lore are either black or dark grey. The nape is bluish grey. On the sides of the head there is a broad white bar, starting under the eyes and continuing down along the neck. The crown is almost bald, and this bare skin spot looks like a red cap. The bill is light, and legs are black.

Habitat: Cranes are common, inhabiting wetlands, vast high moors with swamps, hummocky marshes and rare trees, far-between boggy forests with some reeds and reed grass, glades and logging sites.

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