Yellow Wagtail

Description: It is 170-190 mm long, weighing about 17 gr. In the male plumage yellow green is prevailing. The forehead, crown, nape, ear feathers and the back of the neck are bluish grey with a white supraorbital line; the rest of the plumage on the back is yellowish olive green, growing yellower to the rump. The throat is whitish, and the belly side is bright yellow. The wings are red-brown black with yellowish green lateral stripes. The tail is black, but the outer rudder couple is white. Females are different by the greenish red-brown head top and red-brown streaks on the breast.

Habitat: Coming to their birth place, the birds immediately occupy wetlands and swamped meadows, at times overgrown with some standalone shrubs, and hillocky peat bogs.

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