Marsh Harrier

Description: 49-60 cm long in total, marsh harriers have a wingspan of 110-140 cm, the wing length of 36-43 cm, and weigh between 500 and 750 gr. Age-related change and gender difference in coloration are significant. The coloration in the adult males comprises grey, white, red-brown (in the western species) or black (in the eastern). The adult females present ocher heads with dark streaks, red-brown backs with ocher-hued marks on the tectrices and  axillaries; the lesser coverts are greyish; from below, they are red-brown with an ocher spot on the chest; the rudders are red-brown with a grey tinge (in the western birds) or red-brown with dark lateral bars (in the eastern). The iris is yellow, the bill and talons are black, and the cere and legs are yellow.

Habitat: Being widespread in the moderate regions of Europe andAsia, marsh harriers are migratory in the northern part of their habitat. They nest by the water in marshy areas overgrown with bulrush or reed.

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