European Mole

My beautiful pictureMoles are common subterraneous species. They inhabit forest glades and edges, river floodplains, meadows, arable plots, orchards and gardens. Moles create a complex system of transits and forage paths underground. The diet mainly comprises earthworms and soil-dwelling insects, many of which are forestry and agricultural pests. In 24 hours, a mole is believed to eat over its own weight in food. Usually in late May, moles have 5-7 young.

Moles are a fur game species. The soft, velvety and strong moleskin has always been in high demand in the fur market. In the Pskov Region, procurement of moles started in 1924 and is regulated by seasons. The procured volumes fluctuate between 101.5 to 743.3 thousand hides per year.

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