Brown Long-Eared Bat

Plecotus auritusIt differs from all other bats by the huge auricles. It is spread in the entire Central and Northern Eurasia. The Gdov district, among others, was the place where northern, particolored and common long-eared bats were encountered, with the latter being quite common and frequent across the region. The sleeping animal folds the auricles back and under its wings.

In the summer, it spends the day in various natural (crevices under bark, tree hollows, and caves) and artificial shelters (attics and cracks in buildings), and late at night comes out to hunt. It often preys on insects and spiders resting on leaves and branches, as it is capable of hovering before the attack quickly flapping its wings. The wintering takes place in natural caves or manmade underground structures. The females yield one and rarely two young.

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