In the Pskov region, there are about 250 species of birds. The complexity of specifying the exact number of species due to the fact that this work requires constant monitoring: for a variety of species in recent years, there is no reliable observations. The site contains 218 species of the most common birds belonging to 18 orders, 49 families. The greatest number of species – 90 – belong to the order Passeriformes. Numerous are the number of species groups charadriiformes – 36 Waterfowl – 23, birds of prey – 18, Owls – 10. Woodpeckers are less numerous groups – 8 species, Galliformes – 6. Groups Ciconiiformes Columbiformes and account for 5 species. By orders Kukushkoobraznyh, Kozodoeobraznyh, Swifts, copepod is only one mind.

By the nature of your stay in the bird belong to different ecological groups. Among them, the majority are nesting or migratory species – 139, span – 53, resident – 42. Are strictly sedentary dove and house sparrow. By stray in our area include 24 species, and wintering – 10 species.

Of the 244 species (except vagrants) are 122 species of forest birds, 100 – to riparian and swamp (typical inhabitants of the coasts are the representatives of the orders Ciconiiformes, Zuraw-leobraznye, Charadriiformes, a waterfowl are members of the order Anseriformes, Grebes, Cranes and Shorebirds – shaped), 13 – to lesoopushechnym and 9 – to opushechnym species.

The territory of the Pskov region is located on the White Sea-Baltic flyway, in which in the autumn migrate hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of birds, nesting habitats are in areas of tundra and northern taiga. Begins the path to the White and Barents seas, including the European part of the country and ends in the forests of Western Europe.

According to the Pskov State University