Green Toad

Bufo_viridisLives in Southern and Central Europe, North Africa, the Near, Middle and Central Asia. It’s a more southern species than the Common toad; the Green toad in the North reaches Vologda and Kirov regions of Russia.

It prefers open areas: fields, meadows, floodplains. Color: large dark green spots framed with narrow black border on light gray-olive background. The food consists mainly of invertebrates that live on land. The Green toad has two ways to defend against enemies: masking body color and toxic emissions on the skin. Mating season lasts from May to mid-summer.

The Green toad is at the water only during the spawning season. Prefers twilight and hides in rodent burrows, crevices of walls, in holes that are rarely dig themselves. More often go than jump as it has underdeveloped muscles of the limbs. But if necessary, can jump a short distance, as its hind legs are rather long.

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