Brown Trout

SONY DSCBrown trout are not big – usually 25-35 cm long and 200-500 gr in weight, rarely up to 2 kg – and very bright-colored. They have dark backs, white or golden yellow bellies, and their sides and fins rippled with black, orange and red spots, often white-lined. It was noted that their coloration depends on the colors of water and soil of the reservoir. Their size and weight are also environmentally determined. The bigger the brook the trout inhabits and the more nutrient assets it has – e.g. shrimps and larvae – the bigger it gets. Trout feed on the insects fallen into water, while bigger ones may prey on small fish – minnows or bullheads – and tadpoles. The living cycles of brown trout and pars are pretty much the same, as pars mature living in brooks. Though the brown trout is widespread, it is quite rare in the Pskov-PeipsiLake.

The species is red-listed in Russia.

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